There Are 4 Common Ways Plants Can Damage Your Home

Plants add value to your home rectify. Trees can provide shade, mature beauty and even shade to your property. The grass is essential, and shrubs can be planted along the walls to absorb water which would otherwise seep in and damage your foundation. But plants are not only dangerous because of poison ivy, or wild berries that cause hallucinations. One of the most expensive repairs is to fix damage caused by roots to your foundation. Natural order in plants can also cause harm to your home. If you fail to keep an eye out on your plants, they can cause damage in 4 different ways.

Power Line Problems

The same as a child can, tall, mature trees branches can reach into places that you do not wish them to. Hire tree pruners if you don’t want your branches to reach power lines. They can cause power outages or even fires. Some cities fine homeowners who fail to keep their branches away from power lines.

Death and Disease

Plants are destined to die. Termites are nature’s way of recycling old plant matter into the soil. Unfortunately, dead plants attract them. When termites find a dead tree, they may spread to other places, like your home. There, they will eat the structural frame of the house, the roof or deck.

As trees grow their roots spread out and become deeper so that they can absorb water and consume soil nutrients. However, they can spread unintentionally under your foundation or driveway. In this case, the roots may lift or penetrate concrete. Imagine the damage that roots several inches thick can cause. The concrete may crack or change shape if damage is not addressed. This can cause a lot of damage to your home.

Ambitious Vine

Vines can add a rustic touch to terraces or porches. Try to keep vines from climbing your exterior walls. Vines, particularly stucco and brick mortar, can be damaged by vines that grow too large. Vines can choke out and kill plants like shrubs or small flowers. If vines are young, wrap them around poles and lattices at least a few inches from walls or vulnerable plants. You don’t need to panic or start a rampage of plant killing in your yard. Although the information provided above is alarming, there are several ways in which expert contractors can protect your house and prevent plant damage. Contractors may use the BioBarrier Protection System, which installs herbicides mesh all around your home’s foundation. The system forms a barrier to prevent roots from entering or going under the foundation. These methods can stop roots from tearing through your home’s pavement and foundation.