Methods of Wet Carpet Restoration

Carpet is used to enhance the look of a home or office. It is a small investment but proper care is essential to maintain its quality dry wet carpets. Good-looking and well-maintained rugs enhance the beauty of a room while providing comfort at the end of a busy day.

The rugs in your bedroom will become dirty very quickly if you have pets or children. It is important to maintain hygiene in your home by cleaning it frequently. Wet carpet is another unhealthy condition. Wet carpets can be caused by flooding water, rainstorms, or an overflowing washing machine. If this condition of water damage is left untreated, it can lead to a number of problems. Carpet cleaning professionals offer a variety of cleaning services, including repairing, patching and restoring wet carpets, invisible mending as well as rug cleaning, water damage restoration, and cleaning.

This article discusses different ways of wet carpet cleaning:

Cleaning method using water

You must dry the carpet completely and quickly using this technique. The carpet will become a breeding ground for bacteria, mildew and mold if the moisture in the carpet isn’t removed. To remove excess moisture from your rug, turn on the air conditioner and ceiling fan in the room. Rugs are designed to be water-absorbent. You can use a vacuum cleaner wet until the rug is completely dry. If you find moulds or bacteria in the dried area, apply vinegar immediately to stop further growth.

On wet carpets, steam cleaning is a very common method. This method can be used to remove stains caused by coffee, tea or juice. This method is effective for removing mildew or mold from rugs. The cleaning solution is mixed with hot water, and heated to the temperature that produces steam to help dissolve the stain. If you live with children or pets, it is recommended that you purchase a steamer for your carpet. Only a professional will be able to provide deep cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Method

This method uses a combination of dry powders, and water to clean. Then, a cleaning machine with rotating brushes is applied to scrub the carpets. The powder will absorb all dirt within a short time. A heavy-duty vacuum cleaner can then be used to remove the solution. It is vital to take into consideration the fabric of the carpet before using any chemicals. It is best to avoid damaging the carpet by using the chemicals that are commonly used. Cleaning carpets at home is done using the dry foam method. The foaming agent is spread on the carpet and vacuumed up.

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