Houston personal injury lawyers explain compensation and how it works

When you consider filing a Houston injury claim, it is important that you understand how the compensation system works. A personal injury case can have many types of injuries or accidents, and the compensation will vary depending on how your particular situation is handled. A houston injury lawyer can help you understand the compensation process.

The economic damages that you suffer are the quantifiable costs of your injury. It includes lost wages, medical expenses and property damage. The attorney who represents you in a personal injury case will do a meticulous calculation to determine the costs and ensure full compensation.

Non-Economic Compensation: Noneconomic compensation includes losses such as suffering, mental distress, or diminished quality of your life. They are also more difficult to calculate, but your attorney will still evaluate them and obtain the appropriate compensation.

Punitive DAMAGES: A punitive award may be made in some instances to punish a party who has committed a reckless or intentional act. Your attorney will decide if your case qualifies to receive punitive damages.

Legal fees are based on the contingency-fee basis. In other words, their fees will be contingent upon your success in your case. This is usually expressed as a percent of the final settlement. This ensures that an attorney’s motivation is to maximize your compensation.

Houston, as the rest of Texas has a limitations statute for personal injury lawsuits. You generally have up to two years following the date you were injured before filing a lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer is essential to help you make it within this time frame.

Texas adheres to a modified comparative blame rule. In the event that you have shared some of the responsibility for an accident, compensation could be reduced in proportion. The right compensation for your injury can be reduced if you share some responsibility.

Houston personal accident attorneys are able to guide clients through personal injury claims. These lawyers will help them receive the compensation they deserve, while protecting their rights.

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